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LAB Sports Performance has 5 indoor turf field (54x125).  

The fields can be used for multiple sports.

In September of 2018, LAB began phase II by developing the old American Viscose Coning Building (originally built in 1929) into a sports performance warehouse. The building now houses five indoor multi-use-turf fields, Carilion Sports Performance and Rehabilitation (physical therapy) as well as a 7,500 square foot LAB Sports Performance Training Area.

Our core belief is that Everyone has an Inner Athlete. Through movement-based training, this athlete can be brought out in anyone.

Whether your goals are increasing strength and speed, preventing or rehabilitating injury, or losing weight, LAB Sports Performance will help you reach your training or fitness goals.

Here's whats inside:

5 Indoor Turf Fields

With the growth of youth sports, providing a high quality facility to provide functional space for skill development, practice and competition for multiple sports was the focus of the facility.  

Inside you will find 5 indoor turf fields (54 x 125) that are lined for indoor soccer and indoor lacrosse.  Each field is separated with professional grade portable dasher boards as well as a 8 foot protective net that surrounds each field.  

On 2 fields, we have portable batting cages, hitters nets/tees and pitching mounds that provide space for both baseball and softball practice and skill development. 

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