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Looking for a program designed specifically for your training goals, schedule and lifestyle?

The LAB’s Adult Performance program will keep you on the move and enjoying every minute of your workout as we focus on preventing injuries, weight loss, increasing strength, and building muscle.  The program is based on executing proper movement patterns while providing modifications based on proper movement regressions and progressions to ensure it meets everyone where they are at.

No matter your goal, we can get you to reach it!  LAB Sports Performance is your “FORMULA TO SUCCESS”

The Adult Performance program runs in 6 week sprints.  This helps to commit and stay focused on your training goal for that period of time. 

Each 6 week sprint begins and ends with an InBody Assessment.


What is an InBody Assessment?

InBody Composition Analyzer

InBody is an advanced body composition analyzer that is accurate, fast, and non-invasive. With each test you will receive a detailed result sheet.  We will use these results to find your baseline, assess your body fat percentage, measure segmental lean mass which we will use to set goals and track results. 

You will have an InBody scan Week 1 and Week 6 of the program. It will give you accurate information to see the changes and progress you are making in your training and diet.

Class Description:

Metabolic Program: (Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday)

Metabolic focuses on endurance, stamina, heart rate elevation and minimal recovery periods. Speed, strength, explosive, agility, and conditioning-based drills are applied.


Our Metabolic workout involves continuously moving your body through all planes of motion, training the way athletes train, with active recovery periods to maintain an elevated heart rate throughout the duration of the workout.

Dates of the 2024 SPRINTS

- Sprint #1: February 5 - March 16

- Sprint #2: March - May

Training Schedule

Tuesday: 5:30am - 6:30am


Thursday: 5:30am - 6:30am


Saturday: 8:30am - 9:30am

Fill out the information below to learn more about the program and

how to get started.

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