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In 2012 an old abandoned warehouse with unlimited potential was discovered.


In January 2013, LAB Sports Performance — Roanoke’s premier sports performance and training facility — was founded. Since its opening, LAB Sports Performance has been training athletes of all ages and walks of life, to help them reach their training goals.

Since opening in 2013, LAB Sports Performance has worked with athletes of all ages and sports. 


We also had the privilege to work with area high schools and travel organizations to help assists their programs and athletes. 


Along the way, we were fortunate enough to work with adults who wanted to take their training goals to the next level. 


We have helped prepare them for runs and bike races in varying distances as well as marathons and Ironman races.  

Throughout this time, we have seen many athletes reach their goals of making the middle school and high school teams.  We have seen 

In September of 2018, LAB began phase II by developing the old American Viscose Coning Building (originally built in 1929) into a sports performance warehouse. The building now houses five indoor multi-use-turf fields, Carilion Sports Performance and Rehabilitation (physical therapy) as well as a 7,500 square foot LAB Sports Performance Training Area.

Our core belief is that Everyone has an Inner Athlete. Through movement-based training, this athlete can be brought out in anyone.

Whether your goals are increasing strength and speed, preventing or rehabilitating injury, or losing weight, LAB Sports Performance will help you reach your training or fitness goals.

Here's whats inside:

High Performance Weight Room


Old Wooden Dolly found where the "LAB" name  originated from

When we designed the facility we wanted to have the ability to have a fully equipped weight room connected to the indoor facility.  

Inside we have a full weight room with 25 yards of turf, 5 power racks, 10 working stations (within the 40 foot rig), dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and sleds. 

With having 5 indoor turf field (54x125) located next door gives us the ability to access the fields for speed & agility training, conditioning and throwing (baseball) all in one spot.  

This allows us an easy way to incorporate speed and strength training into any team practice. 

Pic 1.JPG

Weight Room (Before)

Pic 2.HEIC

Weight Room (Before)

Pic 4.JPG

Weight Room (Before)

Pano Facility.HEIC

Weight Room (After)

5 Indoor Turf Fields

With the growth of youth sports, providing a high quality facility to provide functional space for skill development, practice and competition for multiple sports was the focus of the facility.  

Inside you will find 5 indoor turf fields (54 x 125) that are lined for indoor soccer and indoor lacrosse.  Each field is separated with professional grade portable dasher boards as well as a 8 foot protective net that surrounds each field.  

On 2 fields, we have portable batting cages, hitters nets/tees and pitching mounds that provide space for both baseball and softball practice and skill development. 


Turf Area (Before)


Pre Turf


Turf No Dashboards


Turf with Dasher Boards


Batting Cage Area 1


Batting Cage Area 2


Batting Cage Area 3

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