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Indoor League 

At LAB Sports Performance, we have indoor soccer leagues and programs that play year-round. Our adult teams are open to anyone aged 16 and older.


We offer men's, women's and coed soccer leagues, which are broken into age-based divisions so every player can find the right fit. At least two female players must be on the field at any given time in coed league games.

Seasons last between 6 and 8 weeks.  Each season will end with a tournament that will be made up of all the teams for that season. 


You can register with a team or as a free agent. In addition to leagues, LAB Sports Performance will have seasonal tournaments, camps, clinics, open play options and individual and small group lessons for soccer athletes.

Indoor Soccer.png

5 Indoor Turf Fields


6 v 6

Co Ed, Men's and Women's Leagues

Indoor Turf Fields

Certified Referees


Why Join a Soccer League?

Whether you have years of experience or you're playing for the first time, joining a rec soccer league has so many benefits you can enjoy at LAB Sports Performance. If you're looking to have fun with a competitive edge, you're in the right place. With all leagues taking place inside of our newly renovated sports performance warehouse, participating in one of our Indoor soccer leagues will keep you active throughout the season.


You'll also meet new people who share your passion for sports and fitness.


Professional Grade Indoor Artificial Turf

Indoor Soccer League Schedule 2022.png


Each "season" will consists of 4 weeks.  Teams will play 2 games per week which will take place on the night your team will play.  
Teams will play a total of 8 games per season. 


- Each 4 Week League will be divided in 4 team divisions
- Winner of each division will be determined by Points and Goal Differential
- 3 Division winners will advance to Playoffs
- #1 Overall Seed will receive a BYE
- #2 & #3 seed will play in Semi-Finals with winner facing #1 seed


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